About Us


Genome Seeds, a major seed producer and plant breeder, has already been engaged in extensive R&D, production, processing, and marketing of hybrid and high-quality vegetable seeds.We have R&D and breeding stations in China, India, Turkey, and Jordan, where we focus on tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and watermelon, and eggplant. Over the previous years, our company has experienced significant growth. Furthermore, we aim to be one of the leading companies in the agriculture and seed sector.

Genome Seeds has been successful in generating the most exquisite seeds through the use of unique processes and depends on the most special breeding procedures, with the final product becoming seeds which can be supplied internationally and efficiently.

Our Vision

To be known as one of the leading international seed companies, driven by science, technology, and innovation, and offering superior value to clients and providing agents with innovative value-added varieties and solutions to manage climatic and other weather-related concerns.
We are aiming to give the opportunity to all countries around the world to access these seeds that are produced to grow faster, healthier, and complete with unimaginable taste

Our Mission


Genome Seeds’ mission is to supply high-quality seeds to experienced agriculturists all around the world.
This goal has been achieved by growing our brand into several branches in major cities.Our seeds take all of our team’s attention and effort from the sizing, grading, treating, and finally packaging process. As a result of that, we ensure the best quality for our customers who put their trust in our name. By our hardworking and focusing to provide a global environment where all enjoy quality seeds.

Our Services


Genome Seeds is already a model to be referred to in the world of plant breeding since its establishment. Our agents’ dedication to the art of marketing has resulted in their participation in worldwide exhibitions centered on the concept of the plant breeding industry, as well as open days in the field for delegates to attend in order to witness the delicate process of our trial sessions. Last, our PR department has been successful in marketing our services using the most cutting-edge platforms. Feel free to contact us via: info@genomeseeds.com