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33 years of experience
breeding healthy vegetable seeds

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Seeds Production

We grow top-quality seeds with care and precision. From planting to harvest, we make sure our seeds are the best they can be.
Research and Development: Our team of scientists is always working on new ideas. We use the latest technology to create seeds that are uniform, reliable, and give the best results for farmers.

Research & Development

The process of R&D involves a series of steps, including idea generation, research, analysis, planning, design, testing, and implementation. It requires specialized skills, resources, and expertise in various areas such as science, engineering, technology, and management


 Our breeding team is like the plant storytellers. They bring together different plants to create new, special seeds. It’s about crafting seeds that are unique, productive, and just right for farmers.

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Our Mission

At Genome Seeds, our mission is simple—to grow a future where every seed we sow nurtures thriving crops. We’re dedicated to producing top-quality seeds through careful cultivation, innovative research, and thoughtful breeding. Our goal is to empower farmers with resilient and high-yielding crops, contributing to a more sustainable and abundant world.

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Amman, Jordan